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How to make a third world war for 1000 years

How to make a third world war for 1000 years .the makers of terrorism in the world /terrorism serve the interests of individuals – systems –governments of the intelligence agencies – heads of states etc.

How the German intelligence changed the German street into its special account .

 How the German intelligence controlled the German street completely.

How the German intelligence carried out the theft, robbery ,on behalf of the German people .

How the German people allowed these bodies to carry out these operations.

The nature of the germane people in the face of these crisis with the existence of weak judiciary system which accepts bribes and the intelligence agencies could control it through money or sex with children or whore houses ..etc.

How the German intelligence cooperated with the American intelligence in carrying out 9/11 operation in new York .

How the German intelligence in cooperation with the Spanish one carried out the operation in 25/ 3 in Spain.

How the German intelligence in cooperation with the dissolved Russian intelligence carried out the operation in Russia.

How the intelligence in the world ( kinds of them not all ) in the operation of controlling the world through terrorist operations and submitted the nations under this horrible monster which has no basis in origin .

How the German intelligence carried out the operation of building the Al-qaeda ,and the operation of planting the agent Bin laden on the head of this terrorist organization and al Zawahry the second man in the organization and the operation of publishing for it on the basis that they are the enemies of the civilized world .

And how bin laden was built HOLO GRAMM

How the terrorist operations were carried out in the world and its consequences which nobody can stop ,which is the start of the third world war for 1000 years where nothing green on the earth will stay other than those who shot the first bullet for the beginning of this war .and they are the same people who will not stand in front of any court or any legal procedure, because after this nobody will be able to ask them and make them bear the responsibility because there will be nothing there and all this thanks to the governments which ban by all means the covering of these operations, which are killing operations, raping operations, children operations and lots of operations which the human being can't understand and all this happen on the German soil and in the whole specially the civilized one because  those people live on a high living standard. nobody asks what happened in the world.

How to make a third world war for 1000 years

I will offer preliminary explanation on the German intelligence agency staat schutz (ss)

After that I will explain 11/9 and Madrid in details.

And other operations and this page will be renewed continually because this subject started in the year 2000 till the year-2007 (might have a look at this world) we will start explanation and have a look on the intelligence agents /the industry of terrorism /terrorism ,local and international interests, what happened and what will happen in it . they began with the German intelligence (interior )and American intelligence (CIA) and after that other organizations(I will explain later )in making terrorism, one of it is (ackerstr)in Düsseldorf and 11 September 2001 ,Madrid ,Tunisia ,morocco ,through elements in the American. German, French and Spanish societies .and in  other societies the intelligence agencies start spying on the elements which they need, but in reality the intelligence agencies spy on the whole elements of the nation without any discrimination ,citizen or not .

I will explain the German interior intelligence (staat schutz) (s.t) which its first aim was to remain in power and ensure its control over the German street where the German intelligence controls nearly everything in the country /theft/ drugs / debauchery/weapons / the number of this system is unknown for the German responsibility, their number is almost 2 million worker other than the undirected elements(working with them )

What are the intelligence agencies

The intelligence agencies in the whole world are systems that protect the ruling regimes in a meaning or another they are the gangs which the nations are ruled through them .

Through this system the access is given to anything in the nation whether a judiciary, governor , political ,informational or anything else.

 In a way or another the intelligence agencies controls the life of any person on its soil and specify the kind of life in this nation and controls the operation of giving the media almost completely what will be broadcast or not or let be known by its people ,and they also define the way which will be followed with its people culturally ,artistically and of course politically .

 No ordinary person can understand this talk that there are other person controlling his life or the life of his children or the life of the whole family through talking and think this is only found in movies .but those who don't know that these films are part of reality but the nature of human being doesn't want to admit it and this is natural from the psychological point of view and this is for independent identity for the ordinary person .and it is natural that the ordinary person tries to go away as mush as he can from this intelligence corner because it is in all the circumstances criminal and you could not prove anything in it because they make complete monitoring from phone and internet and personal sexual monitoring and all the family members in all circumstances and they are equipped with the most advanced electronic audio and financial equipment preparing the persons who did such work and exceeds any ordinary person and they have their own power ,even the German justice lies under the feet of the intelligence which are deeply involved in stock exchange ,trade, debauchery and the most important of all is raping children ,while German intelligence burry the bodies of these children in places which nobody can reach . of course publicity says the children were kidnapped from the gangs in east Europe. but those who don't know that the children of eastern Europe are there in the streets and nobody cares about them ,in another word there is no need for children from Germany or France or European states which take care of their children ,no body think of the third class which leads the country .how they satisfy their desires in sexual deviation without facing court. and how these people will stand trial of if the judge himself was one of them!! And how these people will stand trial if the political Skelton of the nation wants to cover it by any means because the same political system and in the same time involved in a way or another in these terrorist operations or sexual deviation or stock exchange .. all the kinds of crimes with what the word means .the German intelligence is separated and every state has its own intelligence system, consequently it has its own criminal activities after the disclosure of the secrets of the German intelligence in Europe, united states of America and the retarded third world states which walk also by dependency , where the financial resources made by the German and the financial resources have its big role in any terrorist operation or even the theft of expensive cars.

The German intelligence (the second hand


We carry out the full scan on the computer or any electronic thing belongs or used by ordinary people even TV. channels through search ,the German   intelligence finds a group who wants to carry out terrorist operations or finds a judge or politician or prime minister or journalist or a critic or any one in that level or in the first level and they are the ordinary persons or persons required to carry out terrorist operations or a theft or smuggle any banned thing or people who came under control from the third class which I will protect

The German intelligence equip its agents with all the means needed by these classes-information- weapons-wishes –visas-children-intelligence information –different investments ( buildings- land-gardens-media-trips)




---------------------------------this period-sexual deviation with children this period-money deviation – cars- and every one… investment and for every period- drugs and everyone of these classes has a certain trust given to him through the intelligence










Who can ask the intelligence men what are they doing. all the houses are open to them under the cover of protecting the nation and the citizen (partial protection)


One of the operations carried out by the American and The German intelligence .

1-   The group which desire to travel and carry out the terrorist operations are chosen , they are the group of Mohamed Ata (in Hamburg)

this group has obstacles.

1-   every one in the group has no right to travel to America specially Mohamed ata

2-   he is student

3-   he doesn't work

4-he is registered in the Islamic group and all the intelligence agencies know that ,and this was said by the interior foreign minister and by the interior minister in Bavaria Beck stein and of course all the newspapers .

And magazines knew all these information about him but for whom ,who don't know that the American and German intelligence want this event to happen ,and this is not the higher administration but the public intelligence in Europe and some countries and also a very strong pressure group and this is for a very simple thing which is to control the world through terrorism and they are the ones who rule the land in a way or another, but those who don't know that a third world war will take place and eliminate the human being in general and these people themselves and the ones from them .and in all the cases no one will charge those people from the intelligence and nobody can charge the intelligence agencies which its members are in millions. but without divine providence which cried on earth and those people from the intelligence claim that they protect the nation and the citizen from terrorism which was made by them .we don't deny either that those people who want to support terrorism are already there in society ,but all the obstacles in front of them were removed to accomplish this mission and I will explain these operation thing by thing in detail .

 I will start here with Mohamed ata ,why?

Mohamed ata like me, Egyptian and he is a student, me too I was student in the university of Düsseldorf, and he also has a student accommodation in ,the circumstances are similar in all the ways .

1- Mohamed ata was registered as a student and has no right to work except for two months yearly.

2-   How can Mohamed ata live with a group of four persons in a small apartment and in a way or another don't take a visa to America

3- In the same time there was another Egyptian who had an accommodation and married from a German woman and he also didn't take the visa to America except through his German wife .so how can a student who is registered as dangerous for the national German and American societies .me my self when I want to visit my brother who lives in France I had to prove that I work and have an account in the bank .so how can a group registered as terrorists take visas to America and me myself I don't think that they took the visas to America to pray Friday prayers in new York.

By the way all of them are registered in one place W.G. in a way or another they had no money to go to America, and the American visa for those who don't know ,for Arabs is very difficult and the applicant has to make a personal interview in addition to this ,you have to return to your country in certain cases for the one who wants American visa .in spite of all this they were given the American visa for 20,000 us dollars, paid for the man responsible for the visas ,and who come to my place in Düsseldorf trying to approach me but the story is that the American intelligence were involved in this matter specially CIA ,which by its turn facilitate the mission of getting the visa for this group which don't know that they are Just arab names on the plane to say that the operation is a terrorist one for the al-qaeda or the cia agent bin laden and a]-zawahry who work with this agency and who arc now in one of Russia's prisons since 24/11/2004 and I will explain thing by thing about these operations because they are intricate and cooperated operations, and all the Russians ,western and American systems can say that This Talk is incorrect but for' whom !H

2- The second mistake for the intelligence that Mohamed Ata didn't learn at all from how to fly a plane -how -the story is that Mohamed ata after six months of his death in the very\ harmful event 11/9 someone came to him or the administration of American immigration agreed Lo give him the visa to study aviation or take a course in aviation in u.s. at this time this resulted in a flurry of public opinion .how can the administration of immigration give Mohamed ata .the Terrorist The approval To study .and the TV. radio and newspapers reported the issue and the head of the immigration department was forced to resign because his administration didn't check the names. even it gave one of the terrorists an approval to study aviation .and here we have to stop and ask can Mohamed ata who didn't study aviation .fly the plane 747 the biggest plane in this time with all the advanced technology in it .and what is the story of the visa which Mohamed ata was going to have ,of course the study visa just like me when 1 was Trying to Travel to Germany. He offered the application for the visa in august •'' oh people is this logic, only one month between presenting the application for the visa to study and between having it without any reason but also that the German intelligence knows exactly  as it was written in the papers about Mohamed ata group in Hamburg ,they were under the German intelligence's surveillance in the year 1999 after the elected government's decision in the year 1998 to abandon its internal intelligence agency later and which never happens because of 11/9 event, In a word or another, isolating a system which controls everything in Germany from the biggest Thing to the smallest one for more than 30 years. including killing. theft looting .drugs and everything that goes to human being's mind about crime. and this all under the cover of democracy .and this will be explained in detail in other parts,.. but here we go hack to 11/9 event and the reconciliation which was done Lo carry out the terrorist operation by the German and American intelligences - the first interests in Germany is that without the operation 11/9 the intelligence agency would have 'been dissolved and in America domination ,weapons ,trade; stock exchange and the occupation of petroleum lands as in Iraq and the hegemony and domination of the world from their point of 'view would have not happened.

Because America was of course attacked and This situation can't be accepted amid the intelligence offers the secret report to the first man George Bush who was elected through the pierced cards which were checked by watching The holes through! the

light of the sun to see if the holes were existed or not and these cards and the way of election existed in one of the greatest countries in the world In the field of advanced technology to the degree that America doesn't use computer or the old way of filling The applications, of course they don't use and old machine from the old days of the red Indians , in a word or another they borrowed it from the red Indians who are the origin of this country, who are still there in order lo accomplish the election of a republican man who doesn't have political wishes and have violent inclinations and this was done through the American intelligence which rule America since more than 50 years ago .

The intelligence is there, the presidents came to power for four or eight years Then goes away ,but who have the keys without any surveillance or charge is the intelligence agencies or it is the one which is monitored through a committee in the senate or representatives, or whatever and those members of parliament monitor what is shown To them but what is hidden ,which is much ,goes to the cutting machine ,and I will go back to this subject in details ,how the European and American intelligence submit the monitoring system under its control .

And how these corrupted systems are eliminated or the judiciary system must he reformed by making it independent and not under the feel wd the threats of intelligence agencies directly and goes back talk about 11/9 events and what happened but from a different angle other than that which is written about it in the newspapers or the journalists ,how the planes were directed towards the two towers?

every one saw the planes entering through the towers didn't notice anything different in This operation .they were just planes entering the lowers by a group from of Arab terrorists who didn't study aviation or navigation or even any field relating to aviation .anyhow the terrorists knew the towers(kurs)or any other kurses. we all know that in the old or current aviation the kurs must be given to the pilot on the screen of the plane and then the trained pilot not the assistant –the pilot- the captain who has long experience in the field of aviation. 

Starts to give the trip's kurs to the computer which is in constant connection with GPS to direct the plane to its target ,the required place and this is what happened actually.

    The planes were directed to the towers through GPS and the kurs were given electronically. how this happened .I will tell you .

  One day I was watching the German TV. and the news bulletin introduced by HEINE BR HEME the dialogue was with the head of cockpit  and it was about an apparatus used to direct the planes. the question which arises here where was the captain ,his assistance and the crew members of the plane ,if the plane was directed from outside and here comes the role of the terrorists who are on the plane or supposed to be on the plane.

And it is an operation to kidnap the plane and the crew should try to open the door and try to contact the captain because the plane was flying very low and they didn't Get any answer from the captain nor even the voice of what happened to the pilots. simply they were asleep and dreaming heavily .what happened is that the pilots were forced to sleep through gas in the cabin ,and this was an easy thing to do and now the plane becomes under the control of the apparatus which was controlled by the intelligence and its kurs were to be broadcast to the auto pilot and then the plane fly in the direction of the towers .and those who don't know how have to see this film about the events of 11/9 and the towers. he will find that the deviation angle of the plane and the way it moves towards the building was something the ordinary person couldn't face even if he was a veteran  in aviation not .Not a terrorist who has never set in a fly a plane or even knew new York, and this is the first time for the terrorists to visit new York,


Do you think anyone who visit a country for the first time knows its dimensions and kurs and this is not on earth but in the sky and anybody in the sky doesn't know his lift the from the right I want to say that anyone can get in the plane and try to watch the cabin and after a while when the plane fly over the sky nobody knows the lift from the right and after that he will know what I mean .

By the way between the lines the cabin of the plane which attacked the buildings had no pilots in it .the planes were directed as missiles and by the way the intelligence agencies which carried out this operation didn't expect this success of the operation   otherwise they wouldn't have cancelled the operation of the white house and dropped the plane in the middle of the operation or in the way to it and of course you know the story which said that the kidnappers were under control and the plane was dropped and the people of the were considered heroes and the door of the cabin was closed and the plane was dropped in the middle of the way .

And how after controlling the cabin no connection was done with the surveillance tower as we see in the movies .but the way I don't want to write too much about this subject but what I want to say is that anyone reads this should control his nerve or as it is said the worst thing brings laughter ) and I have only one wish that is every one should carry a flower to the consulate or the German embassy and another one to its failed intelligence agency and many thanks from me for it and also against the idea that the German government put luise salama in the prison of electromagnetic waves and tortured him and these means consolidation with me and also that I can't say the whole truth because the truth as you know with what the word means in the future I will open an E=mail and can send me your questions to be answered specially and by the way as much as we can .

The beg deception is that the people who design terrorism belong to the nations that nobody can expect this from them which are Germany and u.s.a. and the states that helped them doing this starting from France, Spain, and Belgium and some of the other countries which control the criminal intelligence agencies and who could believe this, Germany the big pretty country which made the economic miracle and the nice white people who have blue and green eyes ,the people which appear in the shape of angles. can they do this? Have you lived with them . look at your people first ,if there was in America the source of lying and what they don't know that their whole nation are submitted to spying and they are uncovered ,of course not the whole nation but the majority because the rest is unimportant at all .because they are a class under the earth and what I want to say that we should think even once and for all the German people waged the first and the second world war . they are the wars which were waged by deception and how the third war was about to happen by the deception of terrorism what I want to say to you that the end of the world will lie on the hands of the German and this would lie in the near future or farther

First :I will start now the events which occurred to me .

Second: Events that happened in Germany including the intelligence agencies which Take part with more than 20% in the nazi party and it didn't monitor it bill runs it,

The events of this story goes back TO the year 2004 when The interior minister at this time wanted to stop the nazi party this time the minister didn't know the reality about the number of the intelligence. and also the number of intelligence men who were pushed to the party ,when the minister was asked about numbers of the intelligence men who Joined or entered the party and didn't know the case were suspended by a decision not to cancel the

party unless the minister give the number of intelligence men who joined the party to the head of the constitutional court and their number exceeds 200% of (extreme righted) in the nazi party .and this means in the opinion of the constitutional Judge

The German intelligence agency has  of course its effect on the extreme rightist party NPD and this is wrong because the intelligence agency runs and controls the party and this is what the minister Shilly couldn't understand at this lime and also the

judge from The constitutional court .and this doesn't .apply only on the rightist party but is applied on the leftist and all the parties outside the government even the members of the German people's assembly Bundestag for every one of them has "'a file in the intelligence whether the MP is a gay or accepts bribery or anything else because every one in Germany  has a concubine in a way or another so, they can be controlled. I will go back to this subject and explain it in detail.

We can change the future but we can't change the past that's why I am here though my movement is limited and in spite of this you will get part of the truth though its test is bitter and before we go to war which was about to happen and last for a

1000 years war I will start here with the past, I will start with the second world war in brief

A group from the German intelligence (ss) put on the polish army uniforms and then attacked the German transmission station and killed all the workers in it, Poland was charged with this crime which it didn't commit. and Hitler had plans for This   operation and was ready for it ,then he invaded Poland and the

second world war began and every one knows its result that millions of people were killed in it -the war, prisoners, fortune Holocaust .hegemony and destruction which prevailed. 

the world at this time thanks to a dirty game and greediness and the operations of controlling the world ,in the same way, the German and American intelligence, after the fall (collapse) of the soviet union and the eastern block .the German intelligence wanted to keep its jobs after the formation of the new elected government Rot ,Gruen with the idea of eradicating the interior intelligence system.(ss) staat schhutz and here the idea that there is a need for a new enemy was born and before I inter in this subject I will explain terrorism .

terrorism from the economic and political point of view is equivalent to interest and in order to spread terrorism in any place in the world there must be interests for people which move it .and terrorism can't standby itself and it must be supported from governments .terrorism here means international terrorism .

Terrorism has many kinds ,and i will explain it such as the economic ,political and terrorism for personal and international interests and those who don't know that it is impossible to control the monster terrorism because it takes much more dimensions than the intelligence itself imagine because it extends and its movement widens and increase (sell stoedig )because of the existence in society of lots pf elements which are ready to inter in this terrorism organization under any name you like(defending Islam- ,defending the race- defending the Nordic race as in Germany...etc .and the question which raise itself here, does the intelligence need terrorist operations? of course but not if it needs it will happen ,and that the intelligence agencies have to defend its position because the cold war has ended although the cold war has been extended industrially and the operation of spreading panic by the intelligence agencies all over the world scares the governments, nations ,economic, free world and people specially in Europe and America who have things to cry for so, they must give the governments the feeling that they need it .they were not isolated as what happens in the year 1998 when the new elected government ROT/Germany the red and green parties under the leadership of hr. Schroeder and took the most dangerous decision in the history of Germany after the second world war which is to isolate the internal intelligence agency because it wasn't needed any more in the new phase of this world, where the world in this new stage lives in a state of peace and with the end of the cold war –they don't need this internal intelligence agencies.

And as we see it was a very ordinary decision .but this decision was not studied –because they didn't know the size of this intelligence agencies   on the level of the German states and on the level of the nation the number of its workers might be more than 2million individual and family and from the wonders of this apparatus is to have three generations from the same family working in it, the grand mother, the mother, the daughter or the boy and because it is an apparatus which has lots of money and knew that and has power in the invisible world or the back door which can't be seen by the ordinary person and because it doesn't need certain technical training or special studies for most of the individuals who occupy these basic jobs in the intelligence and these systems has the characteristics and ways of the organized groups and the characteristics of the professional criminals but he is on the side of the law as we have been told in Germany, the group came from outside Germany.(homejacken) and stolen cars and jewelry shops which  were hit from its back with old cars and the theft ends quickly where nobody felt t or kidnapping the children and make them disappear which they think that some gangs came from the eastern countries and done all this. all this was done with the knowledge of the intelligence and handled through TV. and the Press .

I will now explain every one of these operations with a Skelton drawing for these intelligence organizations which the ordinary mind can't imagine and what is its relation with terrorism 

I tell you it the additional external resources which were discovered by the intelligence agencies in Germany and the world and nobody can follow and from it comes an imaginable income through selling the stolen cars and drugs –etc. And the stolen cars in the world equals $ 450 billion , this number is only from the stolen cars ,apart from drugs, weapons and anything that goes or not on the human mind in the world of crime. you will ask and what is the interest of this terrorism and the event of 11/9 .this was only the beginning when the government decided to cancel this system and with it all what has been built through the last 30 years through these systems and here the interest for terrorism was shown and the need of the intelligence communities for it .and this from the German side only and the American side will come later.

1-terrorism means-panic –how to cause the biggest amount f panic and fear in society and aims only to paralyze the movement .

2- till now terrorism didn't achieve any kind of personal victories for those who carry it ,since they are no more than moving toys and the aim is to sacrifice them ,that's to go to hill with their own legs and of course they want that

3- but it claimed its goals-to the key planners who are the intelligence agencies

(The economic terrorism)

Terrorism on the economic interests

 (resource of income)

1-tourism                              2- banks

3- economic leaderships

4-big cities terrorism (London-Paris-Madrid-Frankfort-Cairo….etc.)

5-stock exchange and terrorism

                 ( Political terrorism)

1-   the interior political terrorism –it has political interest such as changing a government for internal or external political dimensions ,for example :

     the events in Spain. Spanish prime minister" Ansar " was changed for the sake of the separatist movement Eta )in Spain.

Or for the support of the ruling president or the ruling party ,if his rule was based on principals or if he wants to renew his mandate in power outside the nation's constitutional system ?!




( The external political system )

The external political system which is a certain nation finance it for political aims as it happens in the Arab world .

State inside a state/einstaat in state

Explanatory drawing for the second hand which is the intelligence system. through these systems, the link and domination of all the other elements are made.the first hand which represents people's classes unmentioned and between the third hand I will explain what is in the drawing. what is the meaning of this –health-offices-council offices-citizens registration offices...etc.

The local police-police-investigation bureaus –police department and governorates…etc. the politicians

The second hand /the intelligence systems and with this simple drawing which meant the German intelligence and how it works and carry out the operation of dominating the executive systems in the state.

The people with all its classes and it represents the first hand.

The general prosecution with all its forms then impose


domination on it with all its kinds and forms

The Justice ministry which represents till the third hand from the preliminary courts to the constitutional courts them controlling it completely ,the Jude advisors with all its group    and standards.

I will explain in detail al these bodies and how to control and dominate them-step by step!!

Every one of us can be a target for the intelligence and all his life ,future and the future of his family become controlled by it.

And here I will be specified about the events in Germany specially the criminal systems staat schautz ss the German intelligence agency monitors people in general and the leaders specially those under the third hand of course people in Germany are living in the fancy of democracy , methods and legal procedures of the state all this is nice. it is really existed ,the police –prosecution and courts ,all these work well but it is only just the crust or the cover which the German intelligence use in publicizing and dominating the intelligence systems for the reorganization of the German political society with this publicity of artificial democracy and that everything in society is done through.

The legal side with which Germany are proud but in fact they are the ones who run the country actually not the truly elected politicians who pass their time in power trying to collect the biggest amount of money using their power ,then leave .but those who really remain in power are the employees in the intelligence agencies, whom they are not forced to resign and don't leave and carry with him all the secrets of the nations ,not the politicians. and because the politicians depend of the intelligence which give them repots about the constitution of the state which is prepared according to the people who have special interests in the intelligence and not on the actual realities of the nation, that is why the German intelligence prepare the report according to the special interests of the intelligence men but not the interests of the state and this will be followed step by step in the next pages. including, how the German intelligence carry out organized robbery of expensive cars.

An English name was given to these thefts "home jasken" the statement to the press, radio and TV. To be announced and to say that thieves came from eastern nations and those who have done this are there in (Düsseldorf) ,this operation will be explained under home haken in details in the next pages.

The German intelligence kidnap German children and then they were circulated between the third hand in society and killed and buried and then it is said that groups from eastern natins commit these acts .

It will be explained in detail under the title children's crimes Paedoe phielen

Cars robbery home jacken/insider

What is the job of the German intelligence in the cars' theft

1-it is the job of collecting information about the required cars through traffic bureaus and the intelligence agencies alone which can inter any home or body in any place and in any time without a question from anybody about the search warrant.

Or anything of that kind or a right of these known rights or asks about the body which will have this information.

The known answer is state secrets ,the intelligence agencies don't deal with anything by itself but it has its own representative .



for example a car model Mercedes 500S is

required, the question now how knows the place of this car and who knows first of all where the owner of this car and who knows the place of the original keys and also who knows the German customs and traditions ,do you think a person coming from east Europe and doesn't know the German language or the streets will go and search for a special and expensive cars in places outside or inside the city, and do you thick that a foreigner in Germany will walk simply in the streets and search for the required cars and the answer in of course no. these operations have a special system and of course the intelligence . Agents write repots and publicize for the police, politicians, radio and TV. that there is mafia for cars named (home –jaken)and every time it is said that the mafia has done its deed and went towards the east and the justification of the German bodies is always there for all its operations .

And in this operation no body will be hurt and there will be losses but for the insurance only and the insurance makes profits equals billions of dollars every year. in a way or another ,the intelligence agencies and traffic department take part of the profit for themselves ,and insurance representatives work in a way or another for the intelligence agency. in another word mutual interest and benefit is there for all the parties and of course in not for the interest of the insurance co. But who asks who?,the biggest loss is the one made by a co. Whatever is made by its workers whether local theft or deception or anything else.

The game of democracy and getting information

How the intelligence agencies can have information despite the existence of the law and how to leave people thinking that they are in a democratic legal system .

1-for example the government announces for a new law to increase the sharpness of monitoring an account in banks or transparency ...etc. or the elimination of the barrier which protect the citizen's account from being monitored .

2- the society of human rights and the society of protecting the consumer and the members of assembly reject and the radio and tv. reject and the students go in demonstrations .the class which is called cultured makes seminars on TV. and the parties reject .

3-the safeguard terror getting information constitutional court decides that this is unconstitutional decision and the constitution must be changed.

The court: we need a new law and court and all the people are busy with this .

4-the citizen whether a man or a woman is punished and fears about his rights .

   Their basic rights were looted.

5- and this bitter reality by the intelligence agencies.

1- the intelligence agencies put the law under the feet and it has agents in banks, tourism, aviation and the criminal investigation bureau in the justice ministry and in every place has an agent and get from him or her easily all the information without telling reasons for this and i will take banks for example because I lived it myself .there was an employee who worked in the bank and an agent for the intelligence and a belly cancer ,she used to work in the bank which I am a client .she collected all the commercial operations I have done since I entered Germany and opened my account ,and the most of it my commercial operations of my shop , even my underwear ,they knew its color .and this happens for every citizen and in the safeguard of the law.. and this for every one. they deceive the citizen whether man or woman by saying they need their help!!

I will explain these events in detail in other time.

2- you ask does it has individual s working in the state security investigation BKA, courts and people's assembly. the answer is yes in every place it has its followers and if it happens and the same one tried to speak ,he will be crushed completely no law or police or people's assembly will help.

And in much of the time this person will be killed or the girl raped.

I will in another time explain how assassination of :

Parchell the German general staat Anwalt and viel andre

3-the show must go on and if you ask a question you wan't know anything because the law of the intelligence forbids releasing any information. and the information given to the people's assembly is only a lie and in all the cases he inefficient to understand this game ,is it just democracy?

The collective crime

 The German intelligence agencies begin its search with the participation of men and women in Germany with the justification that it needs help and he or she as a good citizen has to offer this service. because he will feel that when he helps the intelligence will help his country to get rid of the existed bad things in society. but the naive German citizen doesn't know that the law of the intelligence forbids the intelligence man basically from leaking secrets and the punishment of leaking secrets reach 5 years in prison but the naive citizen falls victim to this trap and doesn't know that he has already fell in the game of the intelligence ,that they are badly in need of help to know a certain thing and that the citizen doesn't know that the German intelligence specially and the intelligence in the whole world had information about everything ,the bank accounts, telephone conversations ,the internet and the computer even they knew when you have sex with your wife and they knew too if you take drugs and knew everything with what the word mean, and they knew too how to enter on you and make you believe him and knew also how to get access to the press ,radio and TV. where they leak information intentionally and deceive them and say it is very secret information and that it is only for you and you have to keep this information such as iron and of course they knew f course how much the German citizen keeps the information as iron of course.

The German man or woman doesn't know of course that they have done this with another million man and woman .the   intelligence men and women go to citizens with claims of good well but the citizen whether man or woman don't know that the devil himself can make good thing but with the intelligence

Men this can't happen from them and in another page I will explain how the intelligence men and specially women go the individuals ,the citizen ,pharmacies, banks, commercial shopsand the clients and the whole citizen in Germany from the far to the far and how they fell in this trap and how the police was bribed and the prosecution ,the lawyer and everything. that stand in the way to assassinate me and put their agent ali Saudi in my place and how they succeeded to enlist the inhabitants and neighbors   and make them put the poison(cyanide   )in my cup of tea even the neighbors and friends whom I knew since the study in the university and whom I worked with for more than 20 years we re deceived because they don't know that the intelligence has interest specially if the intelligence agencies specially the German one are criminal agencies working for its special account and on this basis the German succeeded in controlling the nation starting from the police to the constitutional court and submit them under its control to protect the nation from terrorism and after that to protect Germany's reputation although the terrorist game was discovered over the world but the intelligence and the German politicians allowed them to have tests on me after they discovered that I am a different person in a way or another and I WILL explain this in another page .


Germany's reputation


Germany is a big and industrial country and of course all the people in the world have a positive idea about this country and of course most of the people in the world didn't live in Germany even the crisis in Germany is dealt with through publicity and lies and publicizing for it in the media .anything of this didn't happen but of course will happen but the writer of these lines is Luiz Salama and not the   intelligence men or the politicians but this is another subject .I will write about it .how the German intelligence dominate its people specially the criminal system in Germany and it must be acknowledged that Germany from the days of the second world war controls the publicity system with a degree of more than excellent and Germany is busy now with how to face the world with this disaster, which is that Germany has carried out the biggest terrorist operations in the world from the starting from the design to the implementation of the operation and here is Germany which was going to leas the world to the end of humanity through the third world war which was going to happen without the knowledge of the intelligence agencies and of course the German politicians who were busy collecting the biggest amount of money. in other words the whole world knows that Germany is a respectable lady and a lady of society, but it was discovered that she is no more than a whore in a clean and organized house and this whore tries with all the ways to prove that she is decent and more than that she is a respected miss .

The judiciary and the legal system are under the control of the intelligence agency and the political system and the failed judiciary system which lives on the lie that it is a democratic system ,it has not known the real democracy .but it knows the democracy which depends on the principle of living with the society which is ruled by the personal interest whether it was concrete or spiritual (debauchery services)or more important than that ,the biggest amount of sexual relations with children falls on the account of the judiciary system in Germany and of course nobody can talk on this subject because the immigration administration in Germany is under complete control of the nation which is part of the German system that depends on the group ,that is to say the collective movement of the   crime if it happened or in a bigger meaning that the collectivity in the German society made from the Nazi laws which applied on the whole society of the German people where the principle which is built on the absolute satellite or the accomplished system which depends on complete secrecy in the case of an ethical crime (TABU)or generalization and has a system or systems to do this and give the people what they want .

More than this ,the whole people live with the lie more than they live with reality and the and the German citizen can believe the lie from a German like him more than he could understand or believe a truth, and because the German people is one of the programmed people on a certain system and a certain information system, supported with certain information forms and this information system is led by a man or men who should follow this political system which is built on cheat and deceive or follow the intelligence state from the first degree.



 How the German intelligence use torture to dominate people and the opposition and what are the ways it follows in this field and from these ways the electronic one and it is not for monitoring as it is understood but for the torture operations which it carrys out on the opposition or   unwanted opponents .of course there is opposition in Germany as a nation as we were told .democracy and opposition must exist and this opposition is a game like any political game ,there is a desired opposition and unwanted opposition ,the desired opposition comes under the cover of democracy where the known opponent protests the decision of the government or anything, but nothing resulted from this protest except saying his opinion in TV., radio and newspapers and for those who don't know that the game of uncovered opposition and may be the covered one don't represent a vital thing ,for example the story about sex with children in Germany which is done by a big group of politicians, judges, bank men ,and classes of the first degree and anyone tries to stand in their way will find no place for him in the simple opposition and will find himself in the dangerous opposition which is pursued   by the intelligence men(the state's gangs)to eliminate it.

That is to torture them until they are completely destroyed or flee the country .their way of torture include (electronic, psychiatric, nerve and physical ways). Everything .I will write about how torture in Germany was done with me personally and this is a very small part and till the writing of these lines the German intelligence with its systems dominate me and try to kill me but this wan 't happen in any time and before writing about how the   German intelligence agencies torture and eliminate its opponents, they tried to kill me with poison more than 10 times and there are more trials and the last one was till the writing of these lines on 6/8/2007 and this is unbelievable because the whole world has already known who I am ,but it was a trial to prevent me from writing these lines and its appearance to light ,but I will explain more and more about this pretty criminal country and its intelligence agencies and how the German judges knew all this without doing anything because they were under the fist of the intelligence through sex with children –sex or material and I will explain here the torture exercised by the German intelligence- despite the existence of human rights groups . Which exist heavily in Germany ,the world and in the united nations and have representatives from Germany .and how these societies are used in the information cover as a preventive cover for these operations ,and this to say that Germany is a civilized country and has human rights- we will explain now how the torture ,pursuit physical and psychiatric elimination for are done for the German opponents and this of course secretly and because Germany has what is called human rights and the law which do nothing. 

1- torture for example and not strictly speaking is not scientific imagination but reality lived by those who were subjected to it this torture affects the public health and the organs of the body by using the waves weapon –radio ferquenz waffen and it is used in the operation of the continual wakening (no to sleep)which is the wrest kinds of torture because it didn't give the person enough time    to sleep and this through the waves which change in EEG in the human being and this change affects sleep in general and this ray affects also the internal organs of the body and it leads to the inflation of the organs and also affects blood pressure –blood clot-(coma )- brain clot- cardiovascular stroke ,the pulse changes –sweat –balance disorder –concentration degree –hostility-faint –affection in sight seeing distortion on the eyesight and the operation of losing concentration and this for example and not strictly speaking and this is a small part from what I am living or I live till the writing of these lines 6/8/2007 through these waves they cut the breath which they dominate and also the psychiatric war .

2- open monitoring through people by the use of the German intelligence ,people (neighbors even the agents who deal with it in monitoring through giving the German citizen the feeling that it is important for them and they need it in a very secret operation and then know the knowledge he has about the about the required person and then return this information but in a delusive way and of course the intelligence has everything and knows everything and of course it is the system which protect the state ,it is the good system which fight evil person ,and any citizen of course through the intelligence agency feels that he is important and this is what the intelligence plays on in carrying out its criminal operations and in crushing ,breaking and crumble the person they want to be crushed and destroyed completely .of course the people in Düsseldorf specially know that and in Germany in general.


Terrorism operation


How the gem an intelligence with the help of the American intelligence CIA and members from French an Belgium CXKGB and the intelligence agencies from retarded countries such as the Indian and Pakistani intelligence and finance from a pressure group in America and in all Europe to serve their case which of course against Arabs and of course the image of the Arab should appear as a barbarian criminal who doesn't think in a modern way and who is just fit to be terrorist and that the people think the operation had no Arabs –of course there were Arab element which have knowledge of this because it is linked to concrete imaginable interests in stock exchange (weapons trade and in the unclean insurance operations


Anthrax in u.s.a.

America's operation CIA )and some other agents from different sides which is the operation –internal instability and gain a foot of the intelligence in the process of the domination of the American people and this is from dies balancing him from the security side of the country and this is to get out with the biggest support from the representative assembly for the whole situation ,the security and military and this means hundreds of billions of us dollars which go to pockets of the war lords or petroleum lords or .. etc.

There will be a complete story about terrorism and its relation with the stock exchange and economical terrorism . I will explain almost everything and my efforts here is to try on by one to live with it ,meaning the digestion of information.

I will explain the 11/9 operation from many sides, and by the way the operation 11/9 is not a small operation it is an operation which exceeds the imagination of the ordinary person and that it is under the control of many of the international intelligence agencies such as the German intelligence, which from its side prepare the corpses (the Arab elements and prepare the Arab elements from one side by Ali Saudi –Lebanese nationality –a Kurdish working as an accountant in the German intelligence   since the year 1985 nearly and this man has done all the distribution operations-instead of the German intelligence which were preparing for the robbery- and drug smuggling and distribution of the stolen goods and the trade of the stolen jewelry –there is no any criminal operation in the dictionary of crime that the intelligence agencies didn't commit ,but the question is ,can the person do these operations without being caught, of course the answer is no because he works for the German intelligence-and of course no police , no prosecution, no courts nor anything because they are one thing .

(Germany's corruption)

how Ali Saudi was transformed from an ordinary agent to a political agent.

The man who make the link (verbendung-man)between the intelligence and the elements which will carry the terrorist operation or are ready to carry out terrorist operation for money as it was happened in the Russian operations through elements from challenge and this is another story.

The intelligence agencies and terrorist operations

Monitoring and spying on all the Islamic and terrorist elements –and know what they need.

The terrorists want to carry out a terrorist operation in the sake of Allah or call for jihad/and fighting for Islam The Islamists carry out the operation while they are completely convinced that this operation was done by them.

The role of intelligence:

The intelligence agencies prepare all they need of information –even weapons .the agent makes th link and then approach a group through the nearest way – the mosque- Islam is the joint factor between them, he give them information- visas- the weapons with all the things they need and then they were directed to the scene of the operation .the police and intelligence arrest the terrorists .

A new operation begins in behalf of the intelligence agency ,the operation of searching for the terrorists ,the organization and video tape and of course the American agent Bin Laden who is the first fighter in the sake of Arabs and Muslims .

And of course people who have aggressive inclinations for the Americans and the terrorists fell in the trap and give their support to Bin Laden –and then another operation starts .which is the enlisting of the Arab youth whom with their stupidity enter the terrorist system and fighting in the sake of Allah Islam, and the Muslims. and this talk is of course wrong, they are only corpses and are need in the terrorist operations, regretfully they do this with their complete well and the face the agents of the intelligence in the intelligence criminal world and they knew that the politicians    in these countries didn't know what their intelligence agencies were doing at this time, and by the way there is nothing called martyr, martyrdom is in one case only .apart from this there is nothing called martyr. all this is nonsense and who has ears to hear with it. let him hear and who have two eyes to see let him see and I want to say too that there are billions of dollars for these operations even the operation which were carried out in Russia were paid out through a German agent-Lebanese nationality .

Ali Saudi –in all the operations which were carried out on the Russian theatre or specially on the Russian soil –where Chechens were bought and they were given money along with their families –and they are in all the circumstances have nothing to cry for and they were provided with information and explosive materials through the agent who deals with the dissolved intelligence ex kg b . which in turn was ignored and disappeared in the new Russia ,after the dissolution of the old system and the eastern block which had the biggest share of the operations in eastern Europe the banks to smuggling the chemicals biology, and radiation materials to the whole world and which was done through joint cooperation with the criminal intelligence in the eastern Europe countries .specially ex Germany and England in cooperation with the English intelligence which is part of the terrorist organizations in London and in selling weapons and radiation materials through their Russian agents .

the Russian agent lives in London in a big house although living there is very expensive and he is Russian and how the Russian agent got his house .how the Russian agent have all this money in the presence of the greatest criminal interrogation system in the world and happens and this has a special course in the world of the criminal intelligence in the world and which plays with the souls of the people and the future of the people in the whole land and on the politicians who succeeded in liberating themselves first from this eternal cancer which was scandalized. how 30,000 citizens were contaminated by this radioactive materials   .and can this happen within the month which the Russian agent lived in London, of course not and were the planes which travel between London and Moscow contaminated during the accommodation of the accused Russian agent who is not but an operation of delusion but the intelligence and the british politicians only for delusion ,and by the way the court in England on the weapons issue with Saudi Arabia claimed that the British law is there to support the politicians and the British economy and if there was an operation to sell corrupted weapons the leaders will be bribed such as in the case selling british weapons to Saudi Arabia which was done and is done where there is no a follow up law and the only law there is the law of dirtiness for the British, German ,Americans, Egyptians and Saudi politicians…etc.

the nations have to live with this current position .and by the way there is nothing called free press and dare views in TV. because it is done under the stress of job life because every one of them wants to live and gain his living with what the word means – in away or another all the Arabs and European regimes need something else to prove with it that they are democratic states ,and direct the finger of accusation to other countries and the nations feel happy ,advanced and clean and it is too far from this- the intelligence system do the this while they are sure that they will not be submitted to any court of kind and they are in all the cases can't be charged even if the third world war erupted-did the current leaders lose the strategic political dimension which limit the power of the intelligence and submit it to monitoring and pursuit ?! how the German intelligence carried out its terrorist operations through the existed Islamic groups in the german society ,explanatory drawings which give and idea about how the German intelligence and the intelligence in general think in carrying out the terrorist operations.

the German intelligence

the German intelligence discover an Islamic group under a specified name for publicity and information and then spy on it and know its needs ,aims and the obstacles which will face it .

Because the Islamic groups don't have knowledge and information and the way to get explosive materials and also the aims ,this question was directed to one of the Islamic groups which was arrested in Düsseldorf and was questioned by the federal investigation men on how they got the weapons. and information they have already was wrong but what the federal investigation men don't know at that time was that terrorism is not a simple operation but it needs support from countries such as what happened in America ,Europe and lots of places will come later .

Explanatory drawing and a design for the German intelligence agency and how to carry out a terrorist operation through others.


All the needs of the group which will carry out the operation is prepared and then given to the agent of the agency to complete the connection with the terrorist group .

The special intelligence agent accomplish the connection with the group and give them what they need.

The Islamic group is then submitted to spying to know their demands ,aims and the obstacles they will face. need place-need maps –need visa- need places to hide- need explosive materials.

The group carries out the operation successfully

Thanks to a mobile phone which has the address and name of the operation doer ,he will be arrested quickly by the intelligence ,because the systems and equipments used in the operation were introduced by the intelligence ,that's why it will not be fit 100% but only 90% and the remaining 10% is enough to get the Islamic group arrested and then confess that it has carried out the operation by its own knowledge.

The intelligence and the security systems analyze the place and the intelligence men arrest the Islamic group which in turn confess that it has carried the operation in the sake of Allah but what they don't know is that they have carried it out in the sake of the devils themselves .does the human being needs real devils in the presence of intelligence such as the german intelligence?!

How the German intelligence

(the second hand)dominated the executive system of the nation from the high class(the third hand)the third hand ,the high class-the politician members of the people's assembly .

Judiciary- banks men-industry men – state's employees- banks directors –universities' professors- journalists- TV., radio ,and information men-the general prosecution- the constitutional courts.

 The subject-sexual deviation with children this class(Padohilen) kuabeu –justiz.the sexual deviation doesn't know a special class. this crime with children and their being raped happens between all the classes in society.

In this society there can be a class which get punishment and the other runs away from it. the ordinary class of sexual deviation with children get arrested in a way or another because it is not covered from sexual the executive and intelligence systems ,and he is the person who kidnaps a child then rap and kill him then get rid of the corpse and this happens from individually ,that is to carry out the operation from (a) to (z ) by him self, and in all cases this person is discovered because the mass media and the press make it a big media coverage and in the same time.

They don't cover the other operations in which nothing can be reached and the case is closed on this form. and the news then were leaked that some people from east Europe carried out the kidnapping operation and took them to east Europe and the subject is closed on this point .

I will write in this subject .and on different successive parts and not for one time and I will not enter in the psychological or legal side or the spiritual side of the meant persons .

I will try to refresh your memory about what happened in Belgium and the story of the man called Ditrwa ,and the case of this man were circulated more than 10 years between the courts until he was sentenced with a very ordinary judgment which doesn't suit the crime committed by him and nobody asked why this man stayed five years without judgment .the answer is very simple .the whole operation is strictly political because all the elements of this crisis belong to the high class from ministers, judges. business men ,politicians then how he was tried for crimes he didn't commit by himself, but eventually he was tried alone and the case was delayed and the cases of corruption in Belgium .

But those who don't know that corruption exists also in many countries specially Germany where the sexual deviation with children exists since ancient times but nobody wants to write about this subject or want to search because he is from the first class, when it fell in the hands of the state's men ,they will use it as a pressure weapon on the third class or the executive authority, because there in nothing in the world for free, or because the press doesn't know what is going on in their country .and the German intelligence net as I have already explained knows everything about every person from the third class of the material ,spiritual and sexual sides and offers its services simply but not for free and most of the third class consists of business men ,politicians judges and police…etc. and this group lies under the fist of the intelligence men and we all know or don't know that the police men or not all who put the police uniform is a police man but the corrupt one existed even among the police men and the percentage is high and in all the administrative and executive sectors the German intelligence agencies has the complete authority in entering or leaving without being asked by one, for the answer is known that is to protect the citizen and the people and the nation's secrets and this pretext which the intelligence play on is everything and in the deceive of the people because it knew that it has the absolute power even the German people's assembly who monitor or suppose to monitor the intelligence agencies don't know anything and regretfully .

not in the level which understand the nature of the German intelligence 's work which in turn presents the papers and documents which they want them to see but it didn't introduce the files which will be burnt or the ones which will be damaged unintentionally or the files which will be wiped off unintentionally too or .the ones which will be cut to pieces .the question to the German people's assembly now ,what are the questions you want to ask in the assembly to try to get and answer for but you couldn't ask and what is the degree of its secrecy which prevent you from asking it.


because of course they are off raid of the laws and the laws of disclosing the state's secrets which are well known by the German intelligence agencies which play on it perfectly and use the nativity of the politicians who do such thing and stand in front of the microphone to say that they knew everything .but those naive people didn't know that what was said or circulated inside the halls or the closed doors in only a story of the scientific imagination stories of the experts' intelligence men no less no more and the thing that you don't know or suppose that you don't know goes without your knowledge to be burnt or the famous cutting machine and also unintentionally of course.. and the process of cutting the files is working and also the process of collecting the files from eastern Germany is also working .. and what we know from radio and TV. is little and the biggest son 't show to the light but the machine which cut and tear these illegal files and the question which arise now since when the German intelligence work in the shadow of the law or under the umbrella of the people's assembly ?and did the German people's assembly agree that there is secret checks and monitoring for the judges, prosecutors, business men, banks and people's amounts . the intelligence men have turned Germany to a private sector for them where they commit theft, robbery looting ,blackmail, sexual domination with children, killing and using people in the search of terrorists .is this to ensure the secrets of the state too is it what the German intelligence men do to their people who trusted the politicians ,police men and intelligence men and all this didn't pleas to them but it is the mistake of the corrupted ,bribed German judiciary men and I mean the meaning bribed that is not material only but with parties and sex parties, sex with children ,trips, houses, stock exchange and all these things which are not given for free and that in all the cases which the intelligence men care about they don't reach the courts and if they did ,the judgment will be very trivial in all the cases with suspension of execution and it doesn't hurt the convicted with anything and this is only the beginning and we will have another meeting with much more details about the other procedures and of course without fixed names of course and this with the exception of the corrupted German judiciary men specially HR- Paper the chief of the constitutional court whom I will treat as if he is a war criminal because he was one of the responsible about this corruption in Germany and also I will photo copy the special letter in which he sent his answer and in which he says that he is not responsible about the case but about the complaint and that crime and the test made by the German government on me personally and torturing me in not something which doesn't concern the constitutional courts. and of an ordinary person in the German street gives a deaf ear to something happened ,he will be put on trial because he didn't offer help as the strict German law says ,but the judiciary men have their excuse too ,because they knew the law by heart and how to get out of it and no body can charge them, but this is not like the other ones ,Paper the only thing .

I will assure you and the criminal German responsible that a fair trial will be held for you and  your kind from the German intelligence and the politicians too. and this is a promise from me to your dirty unrespectable personality and you and the people like you are the garbage can of the modern history who will complete the garbage can of the old history, whom they are also your dirty names on the walls of the nation such as the heroes of 11/9. the German planners of the terrorist operations in the world which I will explain one by one in the next parts of 1000 years third world war

 How a third world war can be waged for 1000 years and its heroes would be from the German intelligence.

The second part of the sexual deviation with children/ the German TV. Covers the subject, the operation of cutting the transmission ,how the German intelligence offer its unpaid sexual services to politicians and how it offers sex with children then kill and burry them and say that gangs from the eastern countries have done it.

How the children of the eastern countries whom nobody cares and while the alleged gangs don't need the German children specially and the western countries in general . how an international net from the third class was formed for the sexual deviation with children and how the German intelligence men carried out Tunisia's operation and killed the Germans and this is for the issue of the international terrorism and the domination of the world .

How the L.A. Time newspaper denied that the German intelligence claimed that it doesn't know the Hamburg group.

How the newspaper proved that more than 3000 phone calls for the Hamburg group were monitored by the German intelligence . terrorism and the interests of the countries which take part in it the start of planning to the big operation 11/9 /2000 . 

The situation in Germany from the year 2001 till the year 2004 and the daily news about the AL-QAEDA attacks.

The collapse of the stock exchange after the events of 11/9 and the return of the international soil may 2004 .

The position of the German police in the statement I made in August 2003 and they didn't take into account the corrupted position of the German police.

The position of the bribed prosecution and this by The and this by no dealing with the statement from which the answer of my lawyer was stolen by the Special group of the prosecution in Düsseldorf .

The situation of Fr-Rudolf Düsseldorf prosecution $ 50000 bribe,

The position of the general prosecutor in Düsseldorf Hr, Stockhausen $50000 bribe.

The number of the file is 475/389/04 and of course is a fake number .

File no.4ZS/307 /04 which stands in front of the court.

In Düsseldorf and I didn't answer, till now there isn't any answer waiting ,what will happen!!!

The positions of the international criminal court and the answer on the letters sent through France in 15/8/2007.

The position of the European court for human rights in France on 15/8/2007 .

All this and lots of other things will be written in other parts .

All the rights are preserved by the writer and this shouldn't be used unless the writer- himself

 Luiz salama approves.